Tiny kitchen for a couple who love to cook and eat fresh vegetables and could no longer stand living with the apartment size fridge that was installed by the previous owner. The workspace felt small and cramped and a baby gate kept the 3 large greyhounds in their places. Moving the beam that separated the kitchen from the dining room into the ceiling had a huge impact on the final result of a very functional and open kitchen with ample counter space. After finding the optimal kitchen layout, it was clear that the storage was still lacking, but the dining room felt larger than it needed to be, so the biggest impact we were able to make was to suggest skinny storage for dishes along the dining room wall with a ledge that the table could fit under when it was just used by 2 or 3 people. A sliding glass dog gate is the icing on the cake.

Contractor Rod Charlotte  |  Photographer Ross Anania  |  Structural Engineer Carissa Farkas