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The process of designing a home remodel or a considering a new house can be daunting for clients; it takes trust to put what is often your biggest investment into the hands of an Architect or Designer. We have 20 years of experience acting as guides for our clients, bringing each stage into focus one stage at a time, empowering you through the process of designing solutions and assisting in decision making. We believe a home is most satisfying when it reflects your own emotional needs and lifestyle, and a successful project weaves together those needs, with budget awareness, and a beautiful and visually pleasing end result that will continue to add both financial and emotional value to your home.



Born and raised in London, Alexandra received her 7 years of architectural education in Oxford and Brighton, England and became a registered Architect in the UK in 1991, moving to Seattle a year later.  She worked with a Seattle Architect for several years before opening her own company in 2004. She loves working with homeowners to help them achieve a satisfying solution for their home remodels and creating custom designs for new homes.  She uses her wide experience of Pacific Northwest houses, building codes and contractors to help guide them in the journey of transforming or creating their home. Alexandra loves both the creative process of design work as well as the connection with clients.  Alexandra uses her team approach to reach for the best design and function within a budget, and this brings great satisfaction all around.  When she is away from the office, Alexandra is very busy with her family, but loves to knit, sew, and create mosaics in her spare moments.



Born and raised in Seattle, Tracy holds a BA in Interior Design from Seattle Pacific University. After several years working as an interior designer in large firms she made the switch to small residential architecture to be involved in all aspects of the design process. Long attracted to the simplicity and elegance of Scandinavian design she loves the Swedish term Lagom, which translates as “moderation in balance” meaning not too much and not too little, which suits her rigorous approach to design. Tracy joined the practice in 2013 and has recently become a registered Architect in the State of Washington.  She brings a thoughtful and thorough approach to all she does.  Whether at work or at play, she finds great satisfaction in creating, exploring and resolving solutions. When Tracy is away from the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband and young son.



Jessica hails from Illinois but considers herself a local after 15 years in the Northwest. She holds a BA in Community Environment and Planning from the University of Washington.  Jessica joined the design team in 2013, always drawn to the field of architecture and design she is making her passion her vocation. The idea of home and how we all create this most intimate space has always had a strong hold on her imagination. She has a passion for design and architecture that is invaluable to the practice. She has a talent and good eye for timeless design.  When she is away from the office, she is either taking care of dogs or thinking about design.



Zsofia was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary where she got her master’s degree in architecture. After working in several architecture firms in Hungary and Denmark she moved to the United States with her husband in 2002. In Seattle she became familiar with the permitting process working on single and multi-family projects before taking time off to raise two children. Zsofia missed working in design and joined the AIRD team in 2015. She loves residential design: to be part of the collaboration between clients and the design team to achieve the best end result. When she is away from the office she is busy taking care of her two children as well as portrait and architectural photography.



Born and raised in Alabama, Grace’s appreciation for art and design came from her grandparents who were artists and furniture makers. She received her Bachelor of Architecture from Auburn University and after graduation she began her architecture practice in Washington DC, designing churches and schools. Grace moved to Seattle in 1990, and worked for several large architecture firms in the Seattle area. She was licensed in 1993 and had her own practice for a number of years designing residential projects. In addition to architecture Grace is passionate about the design process and pursued a Masters in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Design Thinking. When she is not designing homes, Grace is a painter and illustrator, mom to two busy teenagers and spends as much time in the Methow Valley as possible.

Danielle Quick


Danielle has lived in the Northwest all her adult life. She studied interior design at Bellevue College and Sociology at Western Washington University.  She worked as an independent designer for over 8 years and has recently joined Alexandra’s team. Danielle believes in client led design and creating a home that reflects the individual or family that lives there. “I love learning more about people by seeing their homes”.  

Small space living is something Danielle personally lives and loves the challenge of helping others who desire that. She approaches design with functionality first while keeping clean lines and showcasing that which reflects the client. "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” - William Morris  

Danielle is married and a mother of three children, loves to ski and to cook.